Bar mitzvah at the Kotel

Have anyone ever offered you to celebrate a Bar Mitzvah on such crazy  terms


What is the truly bright Bar Mitzvah celebration ,which causes a hurricane of emotions

bar mitzvah western wall

Turnkey shuttle service

We will meet and bring your guests to a celebration, as if they were our own family

A unique guarantee

Unrivaled WOW-effect is guaranteed, and if not, then we will refund you with 50% of the cost of the event

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Memory of every moment

The photographer and cameraman working continuously during the entire ceremony

the photo bar mitzvah jerusalem kotel

At arm's length from the shrine

The whole ceremony is held on the square directly in front of the Western Wall.

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Excellent saving

We guarantee that you will perfectly save your money and will celebrate Bar Mitzvah at the best price

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Unbridled joy

Fiery music does not stop throughout the whole ceremony

Video clip, which will tell about Bar Mitzvah better than a thousand words: current video

Right now: learn more about Bar Mitzvah at the. Western Wall and a unique terms just for you

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Yes I wish to celebrate bar mitzvah

Bar Mitzvah – is one of the most important events in the life of your son. Therefore, it is crucial that the rite will be carried put most vividly and memorably, like the world's best birthday

Thus all the ancient traditions must be respected. So even your grandfather will not have complaints about the celebration

And we, like no other, are able to perfectly combine these two factors. As a result, we carry out the rite, bright as the stars in the night sky, but in full compliance with millennial traditions. And at the same time we give an unprecedented guarantee

You are, your son, and guests will be delighted by the Bar Mitzvah. If you will be disappointed in something, just say so. As an apology we will immediately refund half of the money paid by you

What exactly are you getting from us


Throughout the whole day, acomfortable tourist bus will be at your disposal. It will pick you up from  the house, bring you to the Western Wall, take you on tour and to the restaurant. And after the celebrations it will take you home

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6 More reasons why it is profitable to choose us

100% Hit in your expectations

At first we are planning all the details of the celebration and coordinate every detail with you, afterword we realize everything on the planned day

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Menu for any taste

We will organize any table of your choice, ranging from simple snacks to gourmet meals from the best restaurants in Jerusalem

photo kinor david bar mitzvah in jerusalem"

No additional charges

All included in the price, and the staff do not need tips

bar mitzvah jerusalem western wall

No trouble

We are taking on ourselves all the worries about the celebration and we will organize the rite as "turnkey", while you can just relax and enjoy the celebration

photo bar mitzvah jerusalem kotel

Meeting at a place of your choice

No need to come to our office, we can meet and discuss all the details at the Wailing Wall or in any city cafe

Kinor David photo bar mitzvah ceremony at the kotel

Experience as a guarantee of quality

In the last 9 years, more than 200 families have entrusted us with carrying out a Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall, and they all were 100% satisfied

I want to celebrate a bar mitzvah


Meeting of guests at the site on the left of the Dung Gate

Red carpet surrounded by balloons with a canopy, the chuppah

Master of ceremonies with a loudspeaker

Clarinetist and drummer- each with a shofar

The "Shehecheyanu" Blessing, spoken by parents

Sounding of the shofar and the whole family dance in a large circle

Inflatable dancing Hasid that accompanies the dance and procession

The solemn procession from the Dung Gate to the checkpoint before the Western Wall

At the southern part of the square in front of the Wailing Wall launching of 50 blue and white balloons into the sky with wishes for the hero of the occasion

Continuing of the processions to the shofar sounds

photo bar mitzvah in israel
photo bat mitzvah ideas

The ceremony of the ascent to the Torah in front of the Western Wall

  • "Shema" prayer Reading

    The procession of men, carrying a Torah scroll

    Setting of the Torah scroll on podium

    The three people ascent to the Torah, including the hero of the occasion

    "Half Kaddish" prayer Reading

    Father's BlessingMother's Blessing

    Blessings and congratulations of family members

    Reception of a certificate written on real parchment with real ink and feather-pen. The name of hero of event may written by family members under the guidance of a professional scribe 

    The retrieval of the Torah scroll in its place

Fixation of all the important events of the ceremony

At each stage of the Bar Mitzvah you are accompanied by 2 photographers or by a photographer and cameraman, who capture the entire ceremony from A to Z. As a result, you get a CD with a professional photos, it is usually 400-500 shots, and a sterling movie with a quality editing.

Family excursions

To make the celebration even more vivid and memorable, your whole family should take  one of our excursions, specially designed for Bar Mitzvah. It is a guided journey through the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem, a tour to the tomb of King David. The duration of each tour – about 1 hour

Right now: Learn more about the celebration of Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall and the special conditions for you

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